Win a Free Tattoo

Four Winners Will Receive Their Chosen Tattoo On Sunday, October 23rd

Meet The Artist

Cynthia was born in Cuba and raised in Miami after her parents decided to escape communism at the age of 5. Upon entering the first grade, she was accepted into South Miami Magnet Art School, where she started developing her love for art at a very early age. Through her interests in art and architecture, she found her passion for tattooing. Following the Pandemic, Cynthia and her wife Masha opened Mashroom Studio, an inclusive tattoo and event studio which officially opened its doors on January 17, 2022. Combining her extensive art background with a decade of experience in the surgical field, Cynthia provides a unique perspective into both the technical and artistic aspects of tattooing. Four winners will be able to choose from any of the four custom designs pictured.

Cynthia's Give a Crop Moment

From a really young age, Cynthia has witnessed the impact mental health can have on a person's ability to carry out their potential. Mental health both directly and indirectly affects all aspects of our lives from productivity and motivation, to mood, energy levels, relationships and even physical health. No one is alone in their mental health journey and these four tattoos are a reminder of that.