Win a Free Tattoo

For World Kindness Day

Four Winners will receive their chosen tattoo on Sunday, November 13th

Meet the Artist

Shannon Wolf is a multi-disciplinary tattoo artist based in Portland, OR. Following her BFA, she tried her hand at all things creative, from painting and printmaking, to sculpture and running a photo business. During this time, Shannon stumbled upon tattoo art as her happy medium, opening her own shop, Daydream Tattoo, over 4 years ago now.

All tattoos can be customized to the color of your choosing.

Shannon's Give a Crop Moment

Growing up with undiagnosed autism and OCD, Shannon struggled to “fit” in and at times, feeling different from others brought its own set of challenges. Through the art of tattooing, Shannon has identified a creative way for individuals to reclaim their sense of autonomy and confidently express their unique personalities. Being able to provide this self-expression is a dream come true for her.