Meet the chef 


“I dreamt about Tattooed Chef – literally had a dream about it – the name, the logo, design, and a focus on “better for the planet” foods, working with sustainable ingredients.”

All things
Tattoed Chef

All of my experiences throughout the years have become a part of this brand. Tattooed Chef allows me to bring in all the elements of what makes me, me, and share it – that’s the ultimate form of expression.

Italian roots

As a kid, I was always very constructive. It wasn’t until I went to film school, I realized everything I delved into was about expressing my creativity. I wanted to translate that thought into a tangible result. In search of a clear direction, I went traveling through Europe.

I connected with my Italian roots and started working at a pasticceria, making pizza. Throughout my travels, I was surrounded by amazing, creative people and experienced such camaraderie. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to be in the culinary world.

Planted Ventures

LLC deliberately acquired the Tattooed Chef brand and we are now relaunching it into the market. This decision transcends mere business; it’s about honoring our heritage and the profound mark of the Tattooed Chef brand. To achieve this, we’ve also acquired a facility in Italy where we’ve always sourced vegetables, allowing us to maintain control over innovation, quality, and product availability. In this new phase, our dedication to excellence and innovation continues as we craft plant-based options that inspire joy and connections. Join us in redefining positive impact, one delicious meal at a time.